Based in one of Australia's great wine and lifestyle regions, the Red Hill Wine Collective has a range to suit the most discerning drinkers - from local winemakers, weekend adventurers or international visitors. 

You can choose your wine in-store, online or by smartly subscribing to a monthly curated mix case - The Now, The Tomorrow or The Eternal. 

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Our wine selections go well beyond a glass for tonight. We access an array of authentic, true to region, trophy icons - the hard to find that everybody wants.

And because these wines tend to disappear, we love nothing more than hunting down that unicorn or birthday vintage treat - for your total gluttonous pleasure. 



The network of people behind our Collective hold an impressive position within the wine industry, connected to domestic supply partners, global import & export brands and agents, as well as local industry service partners.

Not only has that given us a unique ability to work with great brands or access tens of thousands of wines, it also means we know who to ask for best practice advice - from wine business strategy, import/ export opportunities, grant application expertise to award winning content creation and purpose.

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The Now

Curated Mix Cases from $25.00/bottle
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The Tomorrow

Curated Mix Cases from $40/bottle
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The Eternal

Curated Mix Cases from $55.00/bottle
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