A Case for Amphora A Case for Amphora
A Case for Amphora A Case for Amphora

A Case for Amphora

The flavour imparted by oak barrels in wine has been dwindling, as drinkers seek fresher, fruit-forward styles that showcase grape over everything else. Fine French oak barrels aren’t cheap either.  Especially as we seem to be cellaring less and drinking sooner.

Enter the amphora - its shape helps fermentation, is made of natural material and is a little porous - like an oak barrel in every way except that it imparts no flavour and seems to have worked well for centuries - from the Georgians, Greeks, Romans and now a growing mix of winemakers. 
The Now
And since what goes around, comes around; what is old is new again, we present... 

Our Case of Amphora

The Tomorrow

Yangarra Ovitelli Grenache 2017
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$49 /bottle 

Top of the list on International Grenache Day - ‘Ovi’ meaning ‘egg’ and ‘vitelli’ meaning life.  From the sands at Yangarra, the 2017 growing season was one of the coldest on record.  Dry-grown, 1946 planted bush vines were given a long, luxurious ferment for a whole autumn on skins in big ceramic eggs. This is Yangarra’s most elegant Grenache with great emphasis on perfume, tension and poise. 


The Eternal

Queally Lina Lool Moringoton Peninsula 2017
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$30 /bottle

Named after a terpene (Linalool) found in the 3 aromatic varieties Malvasia Istriana, Moscato Giallo and Riesling - that make up this wine. It’s the maceration time on skins that releases the musky intensely floral aromatics or a “terpene".  Skin contact time is six months then maturation in amphora of six months, of course.  Food friendly and especially well suited to spiced dishes like fish curry as well as fresh cheese made by someone's grandmother. 

The Eternal

Cantine COS Pithos Rosso 2016
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$68 /bottle

Azienda Agricola COS was founded by Giambattista (Titta) Cilia, Giusto Occhipinti and Cirino (Rino) Strano, a new generation of Sicilian winemakers and three friends who wanted to recreate the work of their ancestors. They stopped using barriques in 2007 and started using  440-liter amphoras. A mix of Frappato 40%, Nero d’Avola 60%, it’s very clear intense, clean aromas of freshly crushed cherry & redcurrant fruit, and exotic spice. It has a great chewy texture and saline minerality, but it really rocks because few wines change more in glass...  it’s fascinating, it’s a bit psycho, I see Carla Bruni… I see Biggie Smalls... kind of wine. One thing's for sure... it's alive.

Our Amphora Case Doz. $530