Summer In Full Swing Summer In Full Swing
Summer In Full Swing Summer In Full Swing

Summer In Full Swing

With summer days launching to full swing, we thought we’d chose a few wines that would fit in with most of you being near a body of water at this time.  Whether that be crystal azure beaches, a backyard pool next to a smoking BBQ or in the rugged outdoors on a lake or river, here’s a few that should fit the bill for any chair, bench, towel, esky… as well as a coach and air con.


Poggio Anima Gabriel Pecorino 2017
$22 per bottle // $240 Doz

Pecora is sheep in Italian, hence Pecorino (sheep’s milk) cheese. As for the grape variety, it’s thought to be named after sheep too because they enjoy eating the grapes so much… smart sheep.  Of the famous Italian white varietals, Pecorino certainly isn’t the top of the list but it’s damn delicious. Hailing from the central provinces of Italy, the majority are produced in Marche and Abruzzo (as this one is). Like so many Italian wines, it’s fresh, crunchy and really shines with a bit of food - a perfect foil to Fish and Chips, prawns and the sea’s bounty enjoyed with sandy feet.  We recommend 2 buckets, one with ice for bottles, the other with prawns and seafood.



Brothers McLean Macedon Rosé 2018 
$27 per bottle // $295 Doz

Winemaker Tasting This Saturday


It’s safe to assume that you’ve heard us say (once or twice) that Rosé is probably the most versatile wine there is. As refreshing and quenching as a white wine, with aromas and mouthfeel showing it’s red grape core. So when two young, uber nice brothers came in to RH Collective with the first release of a Rosé (made on the Peninsula from fruit sourced in the Macendon), we were impressed.  Very impressed. Cool, refreshing, light, dry… basically everything you want in a Rosé. Served around the pool, it will handle just about anything you can throw at it - Salads, grills, dive bombs, acrylic glassware in flamingo shaped inflatable cup holders*… 


Lakes & Rivers 

Eldridge Estate Mornington Peninsula PTG 2018
$35 per bot // $210 6 pack


PTG stands for Passe Tout Grains - a registered AOC term in Burgundy for “All clusters in” - a field blend so to speak for a region that doesn’t have fields - just little plots of rows.  Traditionally it’s made of Pinot Noir and Gamay, with a some white varietals allowed. This Mornington version is 50/50 Pinot and Gamay, without the seriousness that the Eldridge single varietals are known for. Legend-winemaker David Lloyd describes this low preservative and unfined wine as, “juicy, fresh wine and ready to rip.” Oh yeah… we couldn’t agree more - chill it lightly, be it from your esky or bobbing around in the stream or river rocks and you’ve got one of the most smashable reds of the summer. 


*Flamingo inflatable cup holders not available at RHWC


4 bottles of each - $300 doz.
Build your own mix case to your
match your drinking conditions
Free Shipping on +12 bottles


This is our last blog for our first year. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as we have compiling them and look forward to catching up in 2019 for more drinking fun.

Please, be smart, be safe, and have an amazing time. We look forward to sharing more with you next year and as always, remain ready to serve.



Saturday 22 Dec: Circe, Brother’s McLean & Fallen Giants
 Saturday 29 Dec: Rosé & Sparkling
Saturday 5 Jan: Roséade



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