Summer Refreshments Summer Refreshments
Summer Refreshments Summer Refreshments

Summer Refreshments

The offices are half full and for most of us the responsibility of family gatherings are a haze of the past, with another year (and festive season) behind us. The sun feels brighter, the sand and pavement hotter and summer weather is in full swing. This week’s selection celebrates the long hot days ahead and the rewarding pleasure of cool, crisp refreshments.

And as those who've visited our Red Hill treasure trove these past weeks know, our first question to you is rarely which variety, winemaker or regional wine are looking for - it’s, what are you going to do with it? Who will you share it with, and where is your mind at when it's opened? Here are some of our favourite moments of summer:  


Hiedler Langenlois Gruner Veltliner 2017 

Hiedler Langenlois Gruner Veltliner 2017 
$29 // $165 half doz


Although the varietal name can cause a momentary mental hiccup to the uninitiated, Grew-Ner Velt-Leaner, Groo-vy or GV, is the quintessential Austrian variety. Dubbed the thinking man’s Riesling, Groovies can be as light, tight and taunt as Rieslings or as rich, dense and concentrated as new world Chardonnays, and everything in between. With a flavour spectrum that usually shows grapefruit and citrus with white pepper and balanced acidity that won’t hurt your gums. We recommend cracking a bottle as you start to prepare lunch and let the wine open up over seafood and shellfish, salads, sushi, or (in true Austrian fashion) Schnitzel… there’s a lot of ’s’ words there, so we might as well add that it’s: ‘seriously sublime’ too.



 Garage Project Beer  $15 (4 pack)


Whether you’re back in the office or you’ve still got some time off, there’s always work to be done. Lawns need to me mowed, BBQs need to be cleaned, surfboards need re-waxing… with the heat making the tasks last a little longer and patience run a little shorter. So after a hard earned… you know… sweaty… reward yourself with a deliciously clean and crisp lager from one of the coolest little craft brewers we’ve seen in a long time. 



Dominique Portet Rosé 2018 $22 // $240 Doz


So some of you who might know us, might be tempted to shout out the conflict of interest that undermines our cherished independence, and big time supporters of hand-made winemakers. Can't deny it though, if we're grilling seafood or snags, this is what we drink at home! We are hard pressed to find a better priced, dry, crunchy Aussie rosé with the reputation of being one of Australia’s most consistently made - 20 years in fact - before the style even came into vogue in Australia.  Now made by big brother Ben, it’s got plenty of refreshing crunch with a juicy mouthfeel - Bandol in the Yarra, hell yeah, #roséallday!


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 Saturday 12th January: Michael Telera (11- 4pm)
Saturday January 19th: The Mornington Peninsula Winery Showcase (4:30pm)

Masterclass focused on four 2018 ICCWS medal
winning wines hosted by Robert Paul, Chair of Judges
Don’t forget the sunscreen… Slip, slop, slap... and slurp.
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