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Parlez-vous Finnish? Parlez-vous Finnish?

Parlez-vous Finnish?

Let's Kalsarikännit! For those of you in the depth of despair because it’s dark outside, today is a good day...

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Summer Refreshments Summer Refreshments

Summer Refreshments

The offices are half full and for most of us the responsibility of family gatherings are a haze of the past, with another year (and festive season) behind us. The sun feels brighter, the sand and pavement hotter and summer weather is in full swing. This week’s selection celebrates the long hot days ahead and the rewarding pleasure of cool, crisp refreshments.

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Figeac in Australia

For the majority who can’t attend Figeac in Australia, here’s a way you can still join in the festivities at home – three great wines, each of single variety, but whom make up the Figeac blend of Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in equal proportions - with each adding their own personality to the wine.

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Preservative Free Wines Preservative Free Wines

Preservative Free Wines

As the mercury decides whether its going to rise, this week we focus on preservative (220, sulphur) free wines. It’s a robust topic with the natural brigade forming our alt-left counter weight to the the alt-right of commerciality. A good discussion, and unless you’re an asthmatic - the largest segment of drinkers that are allergic to SO2 - it’s very contentious. It’s also best not to forget that sulphur is natural in every way, so even organic and biodynamic wines can still have it. In Red Hill we simply seek great wines and these are two recent finds that we really like… and think you will too.

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Welcome! Welcome!


Surprised? Probably not as much as we are. Over the few months in Red Hill, we’ve been quietly building a Collective of wines we’re now proud of… so with a month left before daylight saving starts, we thought it was time we frocked up and prepared you for some fun. Welcome to our very first newsletter and the beginning of your wine journey and pleasure seeking at the Red Hill Wine Collective.

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Summer In Full Swing Summer In Full Swing

Summer In Full Swing

With summer days launching to full swing, we thought we’d chose a few wines that would fit in with most...

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Lunar New Year Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year

As another Lunar New Year begins, what better time to indulge in the great food of our neighbouring countries than with a delicious bottle at your favourite local BYO restaurant. And with the next three months of pork barreling and pigheaded statements to match an Australian election, there may be no better place to mix tears of political exasperation with those incited from your choice of spicy dishes.

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