The Eternal Case [$55/bottle] The Eternal Case [$55/bottle]

The Eternal Case [$55/bottle]


A beautiful mix of great winemaking expressions that will leave a profound impression on you. The wines that winemakers the world over strive to make, and that wine lovers strive to find. The ethereal, the unforgettable… the unicorns. These are the earthly pleasures that will leave you with a sense of awe and where your money, style, intelligence and contribution to the human race goes further. This is it.

If you wish to specify varieties, brands, and regions within the mix, please leave a note in the cart section.

- Our Wine Merchant Philosophy -

Yes we’re winemakers, from the Peninsula, and we’re a little bit European as well, but before all of that - we’re wine drinkers. We celebrate life, the highs, the lows and the everyday - school lunches, family meals, weekends with friends… Whether we are looking at $25 per bottle or $250 per bottle, we strive to find value in every drop -  we don’t sell anything mediocre nor a wine we don’t believe in. Each of these packs has its place.