A Wine Case Now [$25/bottle] A Wine Case Now [$25/bottle]

A Wine Case Now [$25/bottle]


An immersive wine adventure, destined for the table, not the long term.  Each bottle, chosen from regions that represents something we all prize: value. Some of them you may know, others you’ll be glad to know - each of these twelve reflects a range of culture & climate that embody the full Wine Collective experience. Enjoy these in the safety and comfort of your home, a lazy day’s barbecue and anytime from a weeknight to midnight.

If you wish to specify varieties, brands, and regions within the mix, please leave a note in the cart section.

- Our Wine Merchant Philosophy -

Yes we’re winemakers, from the Peninsula, and we’re a little bit European as well, but before all of that - we’re wine drinkers. We celebrate life, the highs, the lows and the everyday - school lunches, family meals, weekends with friends… Whether we are looking at $25 per bottle or $250 per bottle, we strive to find value in every drop -  we don’t sell anything mediocre nor a wine we don’t believe in. Each of these packs has its place.